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060327_182801 Hello everybody, and welcome to the official English homepage of "The Whispering of the Gods."

Having said that, I've done my job.

I know I should be telling you all to "rush to the theatre immediately," but that is not what I intend to do.

Perhaps I could turn this part of the page into my personal chill-out column. yeah.


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hello everyone.

im sorry i havent been writing much recently.

its not because ive been too busy to do so, its just because i didnt feel like it.

anyways, im doin all right; hows everyone out there doin?

i got a hair cut, and i feel great. i cut it so much, i have no hair.

well, it isnt hard to predict that the summer is gonna be pretty damn hot here in tokyo, so lets not let that heat get us down. shaving my head was my way of preparing for the deadly-hot summer to come.

you should do something too.

oh yeah,

LETS not forget, that the World Cup is about to happen in about 3weeks!

i can hardly wait. lets all enjoy.





hey everyone

well, ive written a few entries, and have gotten little feedback from

all you readers out there.

i sometimes feel like im talkin to myself. ha.

but i know the truth is, you are all too shy to make comments.


its okay, you can make fun of me if youd  like; you can call me names and criticize me for being the geek that i am.

its all good. we are all free to say what we want.

so please, dont be shy, come out and express your feelings. and then we can all interact.

dont let the rain get you down, because its gonna rain all week.


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bad weather today.

yesterday i had a day off, so i went to the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art.

ive never really known his work until yesterday, but it was incredible.

really powerful stuff.

it was amazing that his work, some which were painted in the 50's, looked so new, and modern.

it was fantastic; you should check it out.


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the world


the world is a large place. many people, many cultures,

many different ways to live life.

ive got to see the world as much as i can, while im still alive.

staying here forever is like not using a free pass for a cool show.

gotta walk around.


if i come to the conclusion that this is the place for me, so be it.

see you later

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rainy day today. and its pretty cold again.

me, im doin fine. hows everyone, hows life?

i learned of an interesting story of a young girl named autumn ashante. well, shes got some strong things to say for a 7 year-old, but man, shes got some vocab and rhymes.

i remember when i was seven, runnin around and makin prank calls. i guess some are more mature than others. ha.

see you later.

remember, everybody is free to comment on any topic. just click on that thing at the bottom.yeah.





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Sakura at Sakura


well, the sakura season has finally come.if youre reading this in japan, you know what im talkin about;if youre not in japan, perhaps you have no idea what im talkin about.

people go to parks, where there are sakura trees, and sit under them to admire their  beauty.

yeah, so sakura is really, really a big deal here in japan, because it simply gives japanese people an excuse to get drunk and act stupid in public. seriously, thats what it is. it is also an excellent business oppourtunity for people who live in parks, as they charge people for good spots, which they save by sitting in on. so, if there should come a year, when for some odd reason the sakuras dont blossom, all hell will break loose.

im not much of a party animal, so i wouldnt miss the wreckless drinkin, barfin, and the fighting over sakura spots, but i would miss their presence.


sakura trees really are beautiful, and there is a marvelous sakura tree right by our office, appropriately, in sakura setagaya.

really cool. great season.





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As you may/may not know, I am not exactly a vocab meister. yes, so I feel that I need to make improvements on my English. To do this, I'm gonna go on a mission to build on my vocab, so I can go around and terrorize people with long, complex, sophisticated SAT words. How about words like dubious, or opaque, tangible, or rigorous. Right, so I've been incorporating these words in my conversation, along with other vocab I have recently acquired.

Here is a sample sentence I've made, to use when the situation calls for some real, convincing sophistication:

It is erroneous to purport that Freddie unilaterally incites the animosity of Jason; it is Jason who is being rigorous about Freddie's outlandish appearence. Frankly, Jason's standards of what is conventional, and what is not, is oblique--is it the striped shirt that bothers him? perhaps it's the top hat-- we just don't know. Jason reprehends Freddie's appearence, but Jason's evaluation of normality is very dubious, for he himself, walks around wearing a hockey mask, and carrying a chainsaw. 

Now, I sound much smarter.

please write in a comment, if you've got cool vocab you'd like to share with everyone. You can do so by clicking at the yellow words at the very bottom of this page. yeah, the one on the left.

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