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the world


the world is a large place. many people, many cultures,

many different ways to live life.

ive got to see the world as much as i can, while im still alive.

staying here forever is like not using a free pass for a cool show.

gotta walk around.


if i come to the conclusion that this is the place for me, so be it.

see you later

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Dear Webmaster san,

I learnt about "The Whispering of Gods" when I last visited Tokyo back in Feb. I was really excited about this independant film (to have a beautiful cinema specially built for this film; to be the only cinema showing this film for at least 6 months,how cool it is!!! I truely admired your courages and passions for independant movies)

I bought the ticket, pamphlet even the poster (the ladies at the counters are so nice and friendly). Sadly, I missed it at the end. I was wondering if the film will still be on this July? I am returning to Tokyo for another visit this July and I really would love to watch it, if possible.

By the way, I am from Hong Kong. It actually is not a bad place for moviebuffs. I finally managed to buy "The Taisho Trilogy" set by Seijun Suzuki san with English subtitle.

Thank you and have a good day. :D


投稿: vera | 2006年5月12日 (金) 02時56分

Hello Vera-San. Thank you for your comment. The movie will keep running till August.
Hong Kong must be cool. I've never been, so I've got to go sometime.

Thank you again, and take it easy.

投稿: Webmaster Ken | 2006年5月12日 (金) 11時15分

Dear Webmaster Ken san,

Thank you for your quick reply. With this info, I can arrange my time better and definitely will watch it in July.

If you ever need any info of Hong Kong, please let me know, I will tell you all the good places. :D

Have a good weekend.



投稿: | 2006年5月13日 (土) 01時58分


Ill do that, thanks so much for your comment!
You have a nice weekend too.

投稿: Webmaster Ken | 2006年5月14日 (日) 14時41分

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