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Sakura at Sakura


well, the sakura season has finally come.if youre reading this in japan, you know what im talkin about;if youre not in japan, perhaps you have no idea what im talkin about.

people go to parks, where there are sakura trees, and sit under them to admire their  beauty.

yeah, so sakura is really, really a big deal here in japan, because it simply gives japanese people an excuse to get drunk and act stupid in public. seriously, thats what it is. it is also an excellent business oppourtunity for people who live in parks, as they charge people for good spots, which they save by sitting in on. so, if there should come a year, when for some odd reason the sakuras dont blossom, all hell will break loose.

im not much of a party animal, so i wouldnt miss the wreckless drinkin, barfin, and the fighting over sakura spots, but i would miss their presence.


sakura trees really are beautiful, and there is a marvelous sakura tree right by our office, appropriately, in sakura setagaya.

really cool. great season.





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hello. nice to meet you.
i'm yuki and reading this web site from the us.

i miss sakura and hanami so much!

enjoy sakura yourself!

投稿: yuki | 2006年3月31日 (金) 12時22分

hello yuki.
so you are in the us, cool.

its hanami season allright, but whether ill get to go or not is still very much in the air.
but yeah, i will enjoy sakura for sure.
thanks for your comment!
enjoy the us

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